September 29, 2014

By Lorri Rae McLaughlin, Bail Bond Agent, Atlantic Bail Bonding, LLC

The amount of the Bail Bond required to bond someone out of jail is set by a Judge, and is dependent upon the type of charges the inmate was arrested on.

A Bond must be paid in full and may be posted as a Cash Bond or Surety Bond (which requires a bonding agent). To post a Cash Bond you must produce the entire amount of the bond. For a Surety Bond, you will need to produce a small portion of the bond amount, as described below. When utilizing a Surety Bond you must contact a Bail Bond Agent.

Bail Bonding a loved one requires certain information:

Which county is the party being detained in? Do you have their correct name and date of birth? A bondsman can obtain all other data on this inmate (as long as the inmate is fully booked).

The State rate for a Surety Bond in Florida is 10% with a minimum of $100.00 PER charge. So if the Bond is $5000.00 the cost to you is $500.00 (this is non-refundable). If the Bond is $500.00 the cost to you is $100.00.

There is paperwork that will need to be completed with the Bail Bond Agent, at the minimum, an Indemnity Agreement and a Promissory Note. In some situations you will be required to provide collateral to the Bondsman, but in many situations no collateral is required.When you have fulfilled your obligation with the Bail Bond Agent, the Agent will then present the necessary paperwork to the facility to initiate the release of the inmate.

Your obligations under the bond are simple. If you choose to post bail, you are responsible for seeing that the defendant makes it to court, each and every time he is scheduled to appear. If he fails to appear, you may be liable to pay the full amount of the bond.

All information taken in the offices of a Bail Bondsman is and will remain confidential.

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