Child Support Attorney in DeLand, FL

Attorney Richard “Jake” Jackson is an aggressive and experienced child support attorney serving DeLand, Daytona Beach and other communities throughout Volusia County. Attorney Jackson has been practicing family law including child custody and support cases in Central Florida since his graduation from the University of Florida in 1985. In addition, he is a member of the Florida Adoption Council.

Whether you are seeking to adopt a child or need assistance with child custody and support in DeLand, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable child custody lawyer who has a proven history of representing clients in family law.

Child Custody and Support

Family Courts here in Volusia County and state-wide, for that matter, always put the interests of the minor children first. Whether you are seeking child support or are responding to a petition for child support in DeLand, Daytona Beach and surrounding communities, I will help you understand how child support payments are calculated in the State of Florida, discuss your options and represent you in all proceedings.

During divorce proceedings where minor children are involved the court requires both parents to complete a Parental Responsibility and Timesharing agreement that outlines child custody, visitation and support. Regardless of which parent has primary custody, the state believes both parents share an equal interest in caring and raising their children. I will help you prepare the agreement that will be presented to Family Court for approval.

Modification of Parental Responsibility

When circumstances or life events arise resulting in your need to change the parental responsibility agreement, you will need a child support attorney to petition the court for a Modification of Parental Responsibility. We will help you prepare your case, including any supporting documentation that is required to represent your interests and those of the minor child during the hearing to ensure the best possible outcome.

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