When You Need a Florida Child Custody Lawyer in Daytona Beach, FL

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences a couple can go through. The process becomes even more emotional when the couple happens to have one or more children. That’s why it is important for a spouse to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced child custody lawyer. Attorney Jake Jackson is an aggressive and compassionate child custody attorney serving the Daytona Beach community who has helped hundreds of parents with child custody issues including child support, adoption, and modification of parental responsibility.

Child Support

Florida courts impose child support by calculating such factors as income, health insurance, day care, and other financial obligations. The court can also decide other factors like visitation rights and timesharing. The court urges that any decision made in regard to child support should always be in the child’s best interests rather than the interest of the parents.

Modification of Parental Responsibility

Also, modification of parental responsibility can be difficult to achieve without a child custody lawyer. Florida offers parents and relatives a number of ways to seek parental responsibility. The court allows one or both parents to ask for either sole parental responsibility or shared parental responsibility. Furthermore, one or both parents can request for majority time sharing.


Adoption can be a time consuming and complicated legal process. But with the help of our child adoption attorney, child adoption can become a reality sooner than you ever thought possible. Some of our legal services for child adoption include newborn infants/older children, identified (pre-matched)/independent adoption, relative/step-parent adoption, expenses for birth mother (as required by the Florida law), finalization of juvenile court/foster car adoptions, and matching of the birth family with a compatible adoptive family.

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